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Kuala Lumpur Hotels

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Kuala Lumpur Intro
Kuala Lumpur Info
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-Kuala Lumpur Shopping
-Kuala Lumpur Sightseeing
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Kuala Lumpur Travel Guide - with Wired Destinations


Discount Hotels in Kuala Lumpur : Central, Golden Triangle, Chinatown, Putra WTC, Airport, Petaling Jaya, Port Dickson, Seri Kembangan, Putrajaya, Selangor


Kuala Lumpur Travel Info - with Wired Destinations

Kuala Lumpur History

It is a simple story of how Kuala Lumpur, or KL, got its name. The first groups of people living in the area were miners and traders who came in search of tin at the Kiang and Gombak rivers. They named the settlement Kuala Lumpur, which means muddy confluence. During the 1860s, the mines in the city became a trading post and a flourishing village.

However, this town had faced many problems, including the Selangor Civil War, gang clashes and bitter feuds. Finally the Chinese captain, Kapitan Yap Ah Loy, became the leader of KL. Under his supervision, KL gained some semblance of township.

Frank Swettenham, a British resident of Selangor, reformed the city. Brick buildings were constructed street by street. Finally in 1
886, the country's first railway line connecting KL to the coastal town of Kiang was introduced. KL became the center of administration, business and trade of Selangor. Numerous immigrants settled in the city, including the Chinese and Indians. The city continued to prosper, with more buildings being constructed and more people moving into the city.

In 2001, KL was declared the capital city of Malaysia. The city turned into one of Asia's most dynamic business hubs and commercial centers and a famous travel destination of Southeast Asia. Find out more about Kuala Lumpur Travel with Wired Destinations’ Kuala Lumpur Travel Tips, Kuala Lumpur Culture, Kuala Lumpur Sightseeing. Here you have all the Kuala Lumpur travel info you’ll ever need.

Getting around Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur by Plane
Kuala Lumpur International Airport - or the KLIA - houses both domestic and international flights. The airport is located approximately 50 kilometers southwest of KL and is ranked as one of the world's tops airports. Once travelers arrive at the airport, they can get into town to their favorite Kuala Lumpur hotel by the KLIA Ekspres which links the airport and KL Sentral station. The KLIA Transit also links the airport with Sentral station, except that it makes some stops on the way.

Kuala Lumpur by Road
Malaysia is served by a road from Singapore and Thailand. The North-South Expressway, which runs from the border to Thailand, takes travelers to/from KL. The East Coast Expressway links KL with Pahang, Terengganu and Kelantan on the east coast.

Kuala Lumpur Boat
KL is easily accessible by ferries and boats connecting to/from Indonesia at Port Klang, 40 kilometers west of KL.

Kuala Lumpur Public Transport

Kuala Lumpur Train and Light Rail
The most convenient way to get around KL is by train. There are two light rail transit lines in KL which are all operated by Rapid KL. The KL Monorail makes a loop through the Golden Triangle and the KTM Komuter takes visitors to further destinations such as the northern, southern and western suburbs. Connectivity between each line is not so effective, but there is the Touch 'n Go card that can be used on all lines except the airport express. The card can be purchased at major stations in KL.

Kuala Lumpur Taxi
There is a fine system of highways which brings commuters, taxis, buses and cars to the center of the city. It is easy to get a taxi by queuing at taxi stands or flagging one down on the street. The red and white taxis are the best way to explore KL as the cost is not too expensive and drivers are reliable. The yellow taxis are premium ones which means that they charge a bit more, and drivers usually speak a smattering of English.
Try to ask the driver to use the meter, or the cost will be a bit higher. This might be difficult as most drivers consider the rates too low. Some places, such as the airport, KL Sentral and KL Menara, offers coupon systems, which makes traveling by taxi a bit cheaper than bargaining, though a little more expensive than using the meter.

Kuala Lumpur Bus
The City Shuttle is operated by Rapid KL. It has the most comprehensive lines and covers most major tourist areas in KL. Purchase a daily pass ticket on your first ride so you can ride as many trips as you like for a day. Rapid KL also offers routes to the suburbs of the Klang Valley, though there is not much reason to use this line unless for long term stays.

Kuala Lumpur Car
Driving is KL is not recommended as the city has heavy traffic and with poor signs to guide your way through.

Kuala Lumpur Hotels and Accommodations
Accommodation in KL is remarkably affordable, with plenty of medium-priced accommodation and loads of KL budget hotels. Wired Destinations has a list of hotels with competitive rates ready for you. Check out our Kuala Lumpur Hotels for you ideal accommodation in this modern and sophisticated city.

Kuala Lumpur Sightseeing

The traffic jams in KL can be a nightmare for tourists. The best way to explore the city from your Kuala Lumpur hotel is on foot, though the weather can be very hot and humid, and the streets sometimes crowded. Add some air-conditioned Kuala Lumpur shopping malls or restaurants into your itinerary as well for a relaxing and pleasant trip.

Kuala Lumpur Culture

As Kuala Lumpur is the cultural center of Peninsular Malaysia, it is now a multicultural city where traditions and cultures blend perfectly with the modern element of a cosmopolitan center. The three most dominant Kula Lumpur cultures are from the majority of the country's population, including the Malay, Indian and Chinese.

Kuala Lumpur Shopping

Shopping malls abound in KL. Supermarkets, department stores, little shops like boutiques, souvenir stores, computer malls, stationery stores and a lot more are found around the city. Some Kuala Lumpur shopping malls provide money exchange services and tour agencies as well. Some malls specialize in certain products and usually have eateries too.

Kuala Lumpur Dining

You can expect to find the full range of authentic Malaysian cuisine, and a wide variety of international delicacies. Restaurants and roadside stalls, or what the Malaysians call Kedai, are found everywhere around town. Coffee shops line the sidewalks of KL roads, especially in Chinatown in the City Center and Jalan Alor in the Golden Triangle. Both places offer some of the best concentration of coffee shops and roadside stalls, most of them are open at night.

Mamak shops are Indian Muslim food outlets that can also be found around KL. This used to be a term understandable only by the Indian, but now becomes common to every tourist to Malaysia. KL mamak stalls are popular with young adults as the food is delicious and the price reasonable.

Shopping Malls also have food courts which also provide an opportunity to sample Malaysian food, though the prices are a little higher than in coffee shops or street stalls.

Along the beach coast of Port Dickson, there are numerous restaurants which are famous for their hot and spicy local cuisine, and some that serve fresh seafood and Asian delicacies. If you are into culinary activities, don't miss to try them out.

Kuala Lumpur Nightlife

The best nightlife scene is found is Kuala Lumpur, with numerous choices of urban spots that light up the night excitement. Travelers have an endless choice of fun and entertainment in KL and some at the Klang Valley. Large, exclusively constructed discotheques to quiet, funky pubs and bars, there is always plenty of places to enjoy for everyone.

KL is a city with vibrant night entertainment. Kuala Lumpur nightlife congregates in specific areas and the Golden Triangle is the center of partying.  Most clubs and discos generally get crowded after 11pm or around midnight. In most places, formal dressing is expected. Jeans, shorts, collarless T-shirts and flip flops are not allowed. There is a cover charge on Friday and Saturday nights, which includes a drink from a limited menu.

Live bands are popular here. They start playing from around 10pm onwards. Many major Kuala Lumpur hotels feature bars and live music.

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